Mattress Latex Plus

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100% pure latex foam
  • Layer: 100% natural latex

  • Handling: 7 differentiated zones

  • Layer Height:: 18 cm

  • Mattress height: 22 cm about

  • Fabric: Choose from available covers

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It is made of high-quality latex mixtures without the addition of any toxic substance harmful humans and environment. Layer with vertical holes for a perfect microclimatic mattress.
Mattress made of 100% latex foam with 7 different support zones, upholstered with a microfiber fabric, The cover of the product is completely removable thanks to the comfortable zipper. It is a comfortable and anatomical mattress, that embraces the body, also advisable for people who sleep on side.
Latex is a natural element that is made of the resin extracted from the cortex of the HEVEA BRASILIENSIS, the typical gum tree of the tropical forests from South and Central America. Thanks to complex chemical working processes at a very high temperature it is possible producing the mattress sheet and the structure of the pillows.

The extraordinary character of the Natural Latex consists in its elasticity and in its ability to recover its original shape after having been stretched or put under any kind of pressure. Its “open cell” structure allows the maximum breathability and avoids the accumulation of humidity, thus allowing to maintain the body climate constant during the sleep.

Moreover, it is non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and it allows a highly hygienic and regenerating sleep.

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